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We work with one of Finland's major co-location suppliers - Ficolo. Our Finnish data center is, in fact, a former military center based underground. It's intended to keep on working whatever happens in the outside world - be it an aerial attack, a close-range EMP blast or a natural disaster. This way, we can guarantee complete protection for your web sites.

In addition to the physical security, the Finnish data center is furthermore very well connected to the rest of the world. Because of its close proximity with Russia, it is a good option for any person who would like to get into the extensive Russian market and then to offer top web connectivity to their customers. Precisely the same is also valid for the other countries in Northern and Central Europe.

Cloud Website Hosting Plans in Finland

When you are looking for a genuinely hassle-free cloud website hosting service, then you've come to the perfect place. By having a cloud website hosting account in our Finnish data center, not only will your website be protected from any natural disaster or even an aerial assault, but you will also benefit from a 99.9% service uptime along with a 99.9% network uptime. A 24/7 tech support service backed up by a 1-hour reply time warranty is provided by default.

Another benefit of having your website with Hostules is the fact that all your web sites and web applications will have a considerable speed increase. All our servers use extremely fast SSD drives offering remarkable write/read speeds and make use of a file system (ZFS), which is optimized in a way as to take full advantage of the benefits offered by the SSD drives. Also in our user friendly Hepsia Control Panel we've also included a set of website accelerators to further improve the loading speed of your websites.

OpenVZ VPS Plans In Finland

Having an OpenVZ VPS Servers, you will have practically the same processing power as that of a dedicated server, however at an inexpensive price. You can get a VPS in our Finnish data center - a subterranean data center, which is capable of enduring EMP blasts. This data center also provides an excellent connectivity with all of the North European countries and Russia.

All of the OpenVZ servers use amazingly fast processors along with SSD drives and provide a good foundation for your websites. You will get considerable CPU and RAM quotas at affordable prices and make use of this power to supercharge your sites. You'll get our absolutely free Web Hosting Control Panel, which will come with plenty of no cost bonuses and instruments, and will help you manage your sites more effectively and enhance their performance further.


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Semi-dedicated Plans In Finland

The Ficolo data center is the ideal home for your semi-dedicated server. It offers the essential website hosting environment to make your resource-demanding websites and web apps run efficiently: outstanding local and worldwide connectivity, top-level physical and network security and, most importantly - a disaster-proof subterranean location. With any of the semi-dedicated plans, you will get a 99.9% network uptime warranty.

Thanks to the Ficolo data center's adaptable colocation policy, we've managed to employ our very own cloud hosting platform, which uses SSD-powered servers plus the ZFS file storage system. This will give you maximum data processing and backup speeds. In addition, you will have ample CPU allocations for your demanding sites and web applications, and also lavish database query allocations.

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